Our defense attorneys here at Black & Graham have certainly had a busy week - our senior defense partner, Clifton Black, has earned case dismissals on 4 matters in as

All of us at Black & Graham want to extend a big congratulations to our veteran associate attorney, Oliver Johnson, on his recent jury trial victory of March 2014.  After 2 days in trial, Mr.

In December 2013, our veteran defense associate Aaron Gaddis successfully earned a diversion on one of his juvenile cases.

If you've visited our Colorado Criminal Law Guide recently, you likely noticed new articles written by our senior defense partner Clifton Black.

On January 22, 2013, our defense partner Clifton Black earned the dismissal of a DUI-THC charge on behalf of one of his clients.

On June 27, 2013, Clifton Black earned the dismissal of domestic violence, third degree assault, child abuse, & harassment charges for one of his defense clients.

The Theft in Colorado section of our Colorado Criminal Defense Guide has been updated, to include new articles on Theft of Trade Secrets an
Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana were approved by the voters of Colorado through amendments to the Colorado Constitution.   A common questions is:  What are the pros and cons of keeping a red card?
Congratulations to Robert Crouse and his legal team, Clifton Black, Charles Houghton, and Laura Haynes!
Clifton Black recently represented a client was charged with cruelty to animals.  Client initially represented himself and received a plea offer from the prosecutor that would have required client to plead guilty, complete various requirements, and have a negative mark on his record.

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Joe Gorman's Trial Victory Against Felony Charges

by Tracy Kellett