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A person convicted of any of the following unlawful sexual behavior will have to comply with sex offender registration:

  1. Any offense subject to the indeterminate sentencing provisions of section 18-1.3-1004
  2. Unlawful sexual contact, section 18-3-404
  3. Sexual assault in the third degree as it existed prior to July 1, 2000, section 18-3-404
  4. Sexual assault on a client by a psychotherapist, section 18-3-405.5
  5. Trafficking in children, section 18-3-502, or section 18-6-402 as it existed prior to April 21, 2010
  6. Sexual exploitation of children, section 18-6-403
  7. Procurement of a child for sexual exploitation, section 18-6-404
  8. Indecent exposure, section 18-7-302
  9. Soliciting for child prostitution, section 18-7-402
  10. Pandering of a child, section 18-7-403
  11. Procurement of a child, section 18-7-403.5
  12. Keeping a place of child prostitution, section 18-7-404
  13. Pimping of a child, section 18-7-405
  14. Inducement of child prostitution, section 18-7-405.5
  15. Engaging in sexual conduct in a correctional institution, section 18-7-701
  16. Promotion of obscenity to a minor and wholesale promotion of obscenity to a minor, 18-7-102
  17. Public indecency, section 18-7-301(2)(b), with one prior for the same offense within five years, or two or more priors for the same offense in a lifetime
  18. Any offense for which the underlying factual basis involves any of these offenses
  19. Attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit any of these offenses