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Being arrested for a crime involving any form of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, unlawful sexual behavior or pornography is likely one of the most life-changing events a person could experience.  Anyone charged with a violation of the law that qualifies as a sex related offense should consult with an attorney to determine if a crime has even occurred.  There are many situations in which an alleged victim will make false allegations and file false police reports.  Any person that is charged with a crime in Colorado that is considered a sex offense, sex assault, unlawful sexual behavior, pornography, a sex offense involved with the internet and a child (depending on the age of the child and the defendant) etc. should immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area of law.  In many situations the person who is accused of a sex crime that does not seek immediate legal advice ends up speaking to the police, law enforcement, District Attorney’s office etc., and in doing so provides information that will be used as evidence against them in a court of law.

Although these cases can involve indeterminate sentencing (possible lifetime sentences in prison / Department of Corrections), lifetime probation supervision, and sex offender registration, an experienced defense lawyer can speak to you and review your criminal case to determine if the allegations of sex crimes are defendable in the court of law, if the allegations are legitimate charges, or if the alleged sex charges even require the harsh consequences of prison, probation supervision, sex offender treatment and / or sex offender registration as discussed above.  The attorneys at Black and Graham, LLC, strongly suggest that you speak to a defense attorney that has your best interests in mind before you speak with anyone involved in law enforcement.

The State of Colorado has created indeterminate sentencing for persons that are convicted of various offenses that are defined as sexual assault or are sexual violations.  Basically, this means that if a person is convicted and sentenced to prison / Department of Corrections, for some sexual offenses, the person could spend up to their natural life in prison / Department of Corrections.  If the judge or the State of Colorado (generally the probation officer, Department of Corrections, sex offender treatment providers) determines that the defendant has not been rehabilitated or is a threat to society, the person can be forced to stay in the prison system for additional years and up to the rest of his / her natural life.

Similarly, the State of Colorado has laws that require up to lifetime supervision, otherwise known as probation, for defendants who are convicted of various sex offenses and crimes.  The alleged sex offender may be required to be on probation for the rest of his/her natural life.  Probation may require sex offender classes, sex offender treatment, and sex offender registration.

Sex offender registration requires the person to register as a sex offender with the local police department.  Information on persons registered as a sex offender because of sex crime is assessable to the general public.  This allows anybody including co-workers, neighbors, family and friends to be able to view the names of persons convicted of any sex related offense on the sex offender registration list.

The Law Firm of Black and Graham, LLC has experienced attorneys/lawyers and staff that have dealt with numerous criminal cases involving criminal sex offenses.  This law firm will provide a free, half-hour criminal consult with an experienced lawyer that can evaluate the case and provide you with legal information.