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The following information is provided to give a general overview of Colorado law regarding theft, as well as a few examples of possible defenses and resolutions that our office reaches for our clients. Although the information in this guide is intended to provide a general understanding of issues within the theft laws, the benefit of this information is most valuable when potential clients share their specific circumstances with one of our experienced attorneys. The lawyers with Black & Graham, LLC have handled thousands of criminal cases, including countless cases involving theft charges in El Paso County and other counties throughout Colorado.  If you have questions about charges filed against you, or if law enforcement or someone else has contacted you about the possibility of filing charges, exercise your right to remain silent and please contact one of our criminal law attorneys immediately for a free consultation (for more information regarding Miranda Rights, visit the Miranda section of our Colorado Criminal Defense Guide here).

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Colorado Springs next to the District court house, and our trained professionals are ready and able to help you receive the best possible outcome in your case.  If you believe you may need to talk to an attorney about your situation do not hesitate to call.  The law firm of Black & Graham offers a free initial consultation for criminal cases.

When a person is charged for a crime, theft or otherwise, it is important to hire an attorney that has a thorough understanding of Colorado’s criminal justice system.  The law firm of Black & Graham, LLC has a team of lawyers that can provide a free initial consultation to review the facts, charges, and defenses in any criminal case. Please contact our office for your free consultation as soon as possible. Our firm has a proven record of reaching the best possible results for clients that are charged with serious criminal offense.